Voiceover Recording

Looking for a great voice recording to bring your project to life?

We can help you connect, educate and communicate using rich, engaging audio.

There are two big mistakes that we see business owners make with their voice over recordings

Big Mistake One – Using the wrong voice.

  • Even great actors get cast in the wrong roles, it’s easy to convey the wrong message with the wrong tone of voice.
  • Great voice artists can deliver in many different ways – giving you greater flexibility,  whereas amateurs often only give you a headache patching together a single version.
  • Whilst actors can become great voice over artists, they aren’t one by default. 

Having said that the authentic voice of an owner, director, customer or employee can be perfect – context is everything!

Big Mistake Two – Not making the most of that voice 

Whether by:

  • recording it badly,
  • or just not getting the right performances from the actors you need to conjure the magic your media needs. 

Voice Over Casting Service

Hiring a  voice over artist based only on their online profile can be a risky roll of the dice and searching through hundreds can be both frustrating, time-consuming and overwhelming.

Our growing list of voice actors, connections with agents and screening process means we can help find exactly the voice for you.

Voice Production Services

Voice Over Recording Services


  • English as a Foreign Language for CD, DVD and Web
  • Meditation, Hypnosis and Self Help CD’s
  • Audiobooks


  • Podcast Recording,
  • Podcast Editing
  • Podcast Mastering
  • Podcast Intros, outros, music and production
  • Radio Programmes
  • Interviews and discussions


  • ADR
  • Training Videos
  • Narration

News and guides

  • Audiobooks and Narration
  • Audio Guides
  • Audio Post
  • Music, Effects, Sound Design and restoration
  • Software Demos
  • Characterisation and Animation
  • How-to films
  • Voice Reels

Marketing and Advertising

  • Voiceover for TV, Radio & Cinema commercials
  • Presentations
  • Product Videos

Produce your voice over in our state-of-the-art recording studio in central Reading

  • Established in Reading in 1991, we’ve recorded hundreds of voices in hours of audio
  • Multivoice, roundtable audio recording – each with their own mic suited to their voice, headphones
  • Many more voices in the round.
  • Experienced, patient and knowledgeable producers. We’ll help you get the results that you need if you need hand holding and support you’re content producers if you don’t.
  • Overbuilt, soundproofed and dry sounding room in central Reading with a garden to relax in for those long projects and parking

Get the best results with our worldclass voiceover recording equipment

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  • Neumann / Sennheiser / Audio Technica / Shure Microphones
  • Classic SSL and Focusrite Pre-Amps
  • ProTools, Logic Pro, Waves and Native Instruments for recording and composition
  • Delivery in any format – physical or cloud

How to book a recording and what happens after you’ve booked

  • First of all, get in touch using the contact form below
  • We will provide you with the right producer and a setup studio – ready for your production at a time that meets your needs
  • We can find a voice to match your project and budget if you don’t have your own voiceover artist
  • We will advise you in detail of what you need to bring or send us in advance, whether you will be attending the session or not.
  • We can supply music, sound effects and Foley
  • When the recording is finished our engineers can edit with you or to your instruction, compiling the different takes and sounds into a slick finished product.