Looking for a way to cut through the noise and really connect with your audience? 

Glisten Media can help you create effective, educational and entertaining live video

Live Stream Video Studio

Live streaming on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Livestream offers a great way to communicate and interact with your existing audience as well as attract new ones.

Great, timely content will seriously differentiate you from your competitors. With current social streaming and advertising opportunities there’s never been a better time for small companies or entrepreneurs to engage an audience so cheaply.

But, if you don’t want to look like one guy with an iPhone, it can get pretty complicated quickly.

Glisten Media makes streaming live presentations, training events and even live music – simple. We focus on the technical aspects so that you don’t have to. Leaving you free to concentrate on the content.

Our team of experts include sound engineers, camera and lighting operators, media presenters, film directors and web developers.

Let us be your studio team.

Get in touch. We’ll be delighted to talk through your project, help you to come up with a plan and provide you with a quote. 

We can help with ideation, marketing, production and platform.

Show up to a ready-prepared studio.

Be guided through rehearsals and checks so that everything goes smoothly for your broadcast 

Any post production and wrapping required?

 Do you need your content edited, enhanced or posted elsewhere. We can help with all post production and platform tasks.

Keep Viewers Engaged with Multiple Cameras

Do you think Live Stream means a grainy face closeup that never changes? No more!

Our studio production uses multiple cameras to:

Create Instant scene changes, close ups and zoom outs.
Mix live video with pre-recorded, adding presentations and screen shares.
Use a live host to interact with a live audience and encourage social interaction
All keeping the viewer interested for longer

Glisten Media Podcast Recording

Hear Every Detail – Stunning Sound

Nothing lets down a live stream like bad sound. Everything is individually mic’ed and mixed live by an experienced audio engineer through broadcast quality equipment so that you get close, detailed sound.

Sound Good?

Quick Production, No costly edits

No need for costly edits and multiple takes. Everything is prepared and mixed ‘on the fly’ by seasoned professionals. Leaving you to focus on your performance, deliver your content and then get out and celebrate! 

Live switching video with transitions, overlays and balanced audio allows for a rarely seen quality on most social.

Be Instantly Recognisable With Channel Branding 

We’ll overlay your company branding elements and ‘Lower Third’ Graphics

Backdrops and Channel Logos

Seamlessly mix between pre-recorded segments and live elements.

Be Where Your Customers Are –  Social Streaming

Stream live to Channels Such as Facebook Live and YouTube live, where your audience already is.

We can also stream to dedicated live event platforms such as Livestream.

Gather Emails and Take Payments 

Our Marketing Support and Integration helps with collecting emails, sending reminders, or taking payments? We can help you integrate with your existing marketing systems, before, during and after the event.

Reuse the Content – Post Production and Micro Sites

After a successful show you may like to repurpose your content elsewhere. 

We can help create microsites for courses, post to different platforms or just clean it up and send you the files.

So if you’re looking to get massive engagement for content that you already know E.g. Training, presentations, talks. And you need anything up to complete done-for-you support. That can help you reach a much greater audience, interact with your fans or deliver to a wider audience for the minimum cost without looking like a kid with an iPhone.
We’ll be delighted to help. 
What are you waiting for?

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