Voice-over, dialogue and narration

Looking to create audio products that sound great – quickly? We produce audio for products such as CD’s, DVD’s, podcasts or e-learning.

With particular experience in EFL/ESL and other educational recordings, with or without directing help, look no further.

Our studio is perfect for multi-voice, around-table studio recording, allowing for anything up to five voices in conversation or in turn for rapid creation of your audio assets.

Need help choosing voices? No problem, we have a large roster of voices available and are always adding more.

Learn more about our voice over recording service.

Podcast Services

We provide full podcast services from audio repair, podcast editing and mixing, through music and stings to full production, hosting, websites and distribution.

Unlike most other podcast companies we can accommodate, broadcast quality recordings for in-person interviews with up to 4 people.

See our podcast production services here

Live Video Production Services

Video is exploding right now, particularly live video. But we don’t see why live video needs to be one-dimensional or low quality.

If you’re used to standing up in front of people and delivering content, we can help you turn that into a product or marketing asset – quickly, naturally and cost-effectively.

Our small HD live stream studio allows for hosts, whiteboard demo’s, interviews, slide decks, screen shares all mixed live. With space for up to 3 presenters, we provide the crew to get the job done.

We specialise in making presentation videos. Use for live-training, online courses, webinars or live streams. Perfect for education, sales and marketing presentations.

We can help you monetise, gate, and integrate your live stream presentations into your existing marketing funnels or create new ones.

Come to our pre-rigged studio, have a quick run-through with cameras and lights to get your bearings and hone your script. Then deliverĀ  your content, leaving the technical stuff to us.

Leave the studio with it already done, or repackage / reedit for future use.

Find out more about our live video services