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Voice Over Recording, Podcast Production and Filmed Presentations

If you are thinking about creating your own digital media content but you're not sure where to start – We can help!

Whether it's for a product or as a marketing asset, it's likely you already have the ideas - we'll allow you to focus on the content whilst we take care of everything else. 

Turn Your Media Ideas Into Reality

You have ideas for a podcast, a webinar series or even an online course – but you don’t want it to look or sound amateur like so many desktop efforts.

Maybe you’re feeling pressure to create your own studio setup, but you don’t have the time, the skills or if you’re really honest the enthusiasm to make that piece of it work.

And you start feeling a bit frustrated because you’re not getting it done and you feel overwhelmed at the complexity of it all.

There ought to be a better way – you should be free to focus on what you do best whether it be writing,  teaching, presenting or sales.

We know what it’s like to have ideas only to get bogged down in the weeds trying to make it happen.  

At Glisten Media we’ve put together a team of experts to make sure that you don’t get stuck creatively, or technically. With studio facilities where we’ve been creating media for nearly 30 years, delivering on over 1000 projects.

Take A Look At Our Services 

Voiceover Recording

A Professional Voiceover can really make your content standout.  

We can record solo or in groups round-table. Help source actors, edit and master publish-ready files wherever you intend to use them.

Glistne Media Podcast Recording

Podcast Production Services

Full podcast production services available including recording of up to 5 people in the studio at one time. World- Class editing, hosting and distribution.

Filmed Presentations and Webinars

We specialise in filming presentations and talks.

For website videos, courses, webinars and demonstrations.

Streamed live or recorded.

If you’re falling behind waiting to release your content.
Let us remove the obstacles


Our 3-Step Production Plan


Call or email us and let us what you’re thinking of doing. 

We’ll brainstorm it together and come up with a plan to make your content a reality.


Once we have a plan we’ll organise for you to come to the studio where everything you need will be ready.

You get to focus on  your content  delivery, whilst we focus on everything else.

We’ll guide you through the show.


When the recording is finished we’ll manage getting it to where your audience can find it. 

In the right format and optimised for discovery.

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We’re looking forward to helping out with your project.
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