Your Words Are Your Best Communication Tools

We Help You Turn Your Words Into Your Best Media Assets

People Listen To Glisten Media

It doesn't matter if you're a writer, a teacher, a speaker or presenter. If you use your voice or your words to move others it makes sense to create digital media using them. We think that this gives you a tremendous head start when it comes to marketing your work or making digital products.

You already know how to communicate. Your words are your best asset.  

Creating the content Is enough work without the technical worries of making and hosting your own media. We free you of all of that so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Some of the types of people we help:

  • Publishers,
  • Authors,
  • Speakers and Presenters,
  • Coaches and Consultants,
  • Teachers and Trainers,
  • Sales People and Business Owners
  • Subject Matter Experts.

The kind of things that we make:

  • Audiobooks,
  • Educational, e-Learning and ELT Audio and video,
  • Podcasts and on-demand audio,
  • Training videos and courses,
  • Real Whiteboard Training
  • Filmed Presentations and Webinars 

Glisten Media is a production company specialising in creating high quality educational audio and video. Whether you’re a publisher, Teacher, presenter, entrepreneur or a technical sales person we help you turn your skills in teaching and presentation into killer content.

Our focus is on making it as easy as possible for you to deliver your message in your natural style, to the audience that you seek, over the internet. By keeping it live, interactive and flowing. Like real training and live broadcasts for example.

Whether the final media is for courses, training products, podcasts, webinars or demos..

We believe in:


  • We love how good online education is getting more and more accessible. It’s easier to learn skills, strategies and information than ever before.
  • Whether you’re making a product to teach or you are using teaching to market or sell, education is a core part of our approach and philosophy.


We’re continuously excited by the opportunity that we all have to be our own media company, build our own channels and reach a unique audience.

  • Live internet media, doesn’t have to be crappy. We work hard to produce broadcast quality media. Whether it’s live or pre-recorded.
  • There’s an excitement, a frisson when professionals work together on a live show that translates into the result.
  • It’s a superbly economical way to achieve what you need to bring your audience nearer to you.


Media Content that is both searched for, welcome and would be missed if it were gone:

  • You won’t find us making shouting interrupter media – YouTube ads be damned.
  • You will find us creating valuable on-demand media that your audience will welcome or seek.

How we got here

Glisten Media started after more and people had approached Silver Street Studios, a music studio about recording at first basic voice-overs, but later live stream videos and audio-books. We relished the challenge of voice over and live stream studio facilities and have built up our skills and equipment with great projects since.

Who we’ve worked with

In the past few years, we’ve recorded hundreds of hours of voice recording for companies such as Garnet Education, Titan Learning and Anglian windows. We’ve recorded 3 years of pre-sales webinars for global software giant Veeam

The Team

Chris Britton – Owner and Managing Director

Chris drives the studio direction, and helps clients design media solutions to their business challenges.

Chris started as a sound engineer, building the original recording studio, in 1991. He was happy mostly recording music until the millennium, when the new studio was built.

At this time, music studios were being heavily disrupted and so Chris found himself lecturing in acoustics and live sound at a local University, followed by a period developing learning platforms and websites as well as teaching staff and students at a local grammar school.

It was here that he discovered his love of online learning and in-particular podcasts and audiobooks.

All the while keeping the studio running which led to transitioning back to full time in 2014.

Graeme Rawson – Head of Production

Graeme has been helping our clients make better audio and video for the last seven years. He leads performers and presenters to gain their best performances and is both nurturing and precise.

Technically minded with a 1st class honours degree in Music Technology, Graeme understands the science behind the production process

In addition to engineering, Graeme is a singer/songwriter, guitarist & synth programmer for a number of bands and a recognised composer of film and game music. He’s taught music tech at local schools and run support for GForce a Music Software Company, so is great at troubleshooting and communication.

Daniel Brant – Video Director and Cameraman

Daniel is primarily a filmmaker, director, and storyteller. He brings his visual skills to our productions, so they don’t just sound great – but look great too.

If there’s a moving camera involved, that’s Daniel – an experienced martial artist he’s able to move smoothly and elegantly.

Richard Usher – Media Creative

Richard calls himself a Media Creative. He is an experienced voice artist, actor, writer, podcaster, broadcaster, trainer and sound designer.

With a passion for audio and bringing scripts alive, Richard is a versatile and dependable voice-over artist.  Short films, advertising, corporate presentations, audio books and broadcasting, Richard has worked for clients across the media, including the BBCYOPAThe Meetology LabNational Museums LiverpoolGarnet Education as well as working with us on our very own Berkshire Business Podcast show

Richard has a strong background in broadcasting and voice-overs which makes him an excellent choice as a media trainer and adviser.

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