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Terry Phillips Innova Press

Terry Philips

Business Development - Innova Press Ltd

Relax - Now You Can Focus On Getting Your Content Right

Recording a podcast series with multiple remote guests can be a nightmare to get right.

Every participant brings:

  • Different recording experience,
  • Varied equipment,
  • Less than-ideal noise environments.

They may all need help to set up, test and monitor during the recording. 


You do not want to get stuck in troubleshooting, researching software alternatives. Most importantly, you do not want to be wasting the time of busy professionals either by keeping them hanging on or, worse yet, asking them to re-record when it all goes wrong. 

Ensuring everyone shows up to a busy recording day confident, prepared and sounding awesome is paramount for the smooth recording of a great show. 


We work with participants ahead of time to ensure that they have suitable equipment to use and complete a test-recording with us. This way, they can focus on their conversations when it comes to the real recording.


We can advise on equipment choices, either recommending purchases, sending out hire sets or working with your existing tools. 


There are many software connection choices - but there is no one-size-fits-all solution ( alas -  we’ve tried them all ), so we will work out the best solutions for the individuals on the calls. Breaking recordings down into group sessions if need be.


We'll manage the calls, always on hand to direct where needed and monitor the recordings so any issues can be spotted and dealt with quickly.


After the recordings - we will clean-up any audio issues and either deliver the files to you or work on the full production.  


Glisten Media have years of real-world experience of round-table, in-studio voice recording. We’re used to managing complex technology whilst keeping the flow in a face-to-face group environment - Like being the organiser host at a cocktail party, we never lose sight of the fact that everyone is on the line together.


Turning up to a recording that’s going to become a product can be an anxious experience for some, but we’ll put you at ease. We know what it takes to facilitate great conversations that sound crystal clear.


If you’re interested in discussing your organisation’s podcast series and need a remote recording solution, please Schedule a Call with Chris Britton.  Alternatively - Download our guide to preparing for a remote recording session.