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Everybody tells you how easy it is to set up a podcast. But is it really? 

Even if you have the ability to do it yourself is it the best use of your resources?

Finding somewhere quiet, setting up microphones, learning recording and editing is far from straightforward.

Then there's the work involved hosting your podcast and setting up it’s feed....

Meanwhile production quality expectations are only getting higher.

You Already Have The Seeds Of your content 

Your existing library of content - e-books, blog posts and articles, the expertise and passion within your organisation and your customer's experiences – all provide a solid foundation for content in a compelling podcast series for your business.

Let us produce your podcasts

We’re long-time podcast fans and audio experts, let us do the lifting for you.

Our Podcast Services In Detail

Podcast Recording


We can record 6 people round-table in broadcast quality. Live in our soundproofed, acoustically treated studio. 

On Location

Our experienced sound engineers can get you the clean recordings you need wherever you are.


If you have a remote guest, remote hosts, or even both let us take on the stress.

Isansys Voice Over

Intros, Outros, Music and Presenters

It’s good to have a recognisable theme or jingle to anchor your podcast in the mind of your clients.

We can  help you source or even create custom music as well as record intro and outro sections for you to reuse.

We have a wide variety of presenters too.

Podcast Editing 

After recording, benefit from our years of editing experience using state of the art tools to pull all of the pieces together and complete your show.

You can have anything from a light conversational to a more formal up-close ‘radio’ style edit

Audio Restoration and Repair 

Whether your home Podcast is a little bit noisy or distorted, needs a little sweetening or even if you feel like you've completely messed up the recording.

We have you covered.

Our Podcast Doctor can bring your 'sick' audio back to health.

Post-Production Mixing and Mastering 

If you have a complicated recording with maybe multiple voices, music and effects - you'll benefit from some help balancing the different sounds.

Make your podcast sound more radio today.

Podcast Setup and Launch

There are a lot of moving parts to a podcast.  These all have to connect in a particular way to make the most of your podcast.

We can optimise and organise that for you.

Podcast Episode Posting

Podcast episodes need to be posted much like a blog. We can help with show notes and links as well as regular uploading and scheduling.

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