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Our central Reading production and recording studio specialises in professional, high-quality voice recording for content creators. Creating podcasts, voice-overs, and audiobooks.

What we do

 We have over 30 years experience serving the creative industries with audio content. We specialise in speech recording and music production. Select your area of interest or read on for more details:


Perfect Acoustics

Soundproofed space with great voice acoustics means that you're straight to work.

Experienced Producers

Our current producers have been creating stunning music and voice projects for over a decade. 


Every type of remote connection you could ever need to make your project work.

Our Production Services

Podcast Recording

Need an acoustically treated space, to record you and your guests. Record it yourself with our assistance or ask us to do it for you.

Voice Over Recording

Professional Voice Over recording for audiobooks, e-learning, and video.

Audio Post Production

If you rap or sing to backing tracks or beats, we offer short sessions to get this done like a pro. 

Vocal Production (Music)

If you rap or sing to backing tracks or beats, we offer short sessions to get this done like a pro. 

why we do it

Moving Air

We think there's no better way to connect with another human being than through sound. From words whispered to soulful screams, stories and songs that connect.

We love to help creatives teach, inspire and delight their listeners.  

We Don't Rest

There's a reason we've been around for 30 years. We adapt to change. 

Whilst we still love to work with songwriters on original music, work on live stream videos and webinars, we're excited by the possibilities and the proliferation of  voice content, and we would love to help you create it.


What they say

Terry Philips

Business Development - Innova Press 

"We are delighted! The recordings are lovely."

Bruce Neil


“…Quality was amazing, came back again and again and again and eventually ended up recording my very first EP and released it and now I gig all around town and I’m going to be returning to record my second EP imminently”


Voice Over Recording

From £


Single voice or many, professional actors or just your sweet self. In the studio or remote.  

Podcast Recording

From £


The space to do it yourself, or have it done for you. For groups, hosts, or remote guests. 

Vocal Production

From £


Need to do a quick vocal, work on your songs or create rich, custom music.

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