Recording Large Voice Projects Without Ever Entering A Recording Studio

Normally we would expect to be recording big audio products in one place. With guests and hosts and even actors sat around a table in the studio, drinking tea, catching up and connecting face to face. Which of course is lovely, although not always the most practical.

Covid-19 has completely put pay to that working method for the foreseeable future but it hasn’t stopped us from recording audio. Far from it in fact.

We’ve been recording a lot of conversations and scripts for clients completely remotely.

For example, recently we’ve been working with See-Media to produce different podcasts for two of their clients – IMLT and Stonewater – the latter of which involved recording 12 different people in one day, over multiple sessions with up to four guests in one go. 

One of the challenges in recording remote voice projects like these is the variety of ways that participants can connect.

At best – speakers are in a quiet, dry room with headphones and a semi-pro microphone setup on their laptop, at worst they’re attempting to use their laptop mic – which will always sound bad – in a noisy room. With a variety of mobile phones or even telephone connection options in-between there’s a lot to juggle!

Whilst there are a number of really great software recording services available, there’s not really a one-size-fits-all solution. In fact, they all have their limitations – what we’ve found over time is that we need to be flexible and well versed in all of them.

We’re really pleased with the work we’ve been able to put out remotely, so if you’re thinking about recording a podcast series for your organisation we’d love to talk with you about the fantastic results we can get you.

RecordHub is our studio-grade remote-recording studio service for groups. It’s a done-for-you service from start to finish and includes:

  • Equipment Recommendations and Setup, 
  • Thorough Call Testing and Support,
  • Recording Session management, monitoring and direction,
  • Any audio cleanup required,
  • Radio-quality editing,
  • Full Podcast Production, Mastering and ID Tagging,

For more details visit RecordHub