Podcast Audio Restoration and Repair

Messed Up Your Recording? It Happens! But Don't Worry -  We've got your back!
Let Us Repair Your Sick Audio

If you've ever held back on releasing a recording because of poor audio quality, this could be just what you need to rescue that edition. 

What Do We Do With Our Podcast Audio Restoration and Repair Services 

Modern Software Allows Us To Perform Magic

It used to be that sound processing was limited to simple frequency filtering, tone, dynamic and 'volume' level adjustments. Cutting out or boosting certain frequencies, squashing the sound so everything was level, that kind of thing. 

Whilst all of that is useful, modern software with analysis and learning algorithms are enabling us to do repairs we could only dream of before. Once audio is in the computer it no longer needs to obey the laws of physics and we can begin to do some crazy restorations.

Whilst not everything is mend-able, our tech and honed ears make for some miraculous recoveries and improvements.

There's nothing to lose if you have 'lost' audio  - why not give us a try and see what we can do?

Podcast Doctor - Glisten Media

Common podcast audio ailments we treat:

  • Noisy audio - (Hiss, background noise, blips, bumps and bangs)
  • Clicks, Pops and Recording Errors
  • Distortion
  • Too much echo-y room sound ( Reverberation ) 
  • Too much variation in level
  • Unbalanced volume between voices
  • Lacklustre, muffled or too bright audio

We bring your poorly audio - back to health.


We're so confident that we'll offer value that we'll do the restoration work upfront for free. Only then will you decide if you want it for your podcast.

In the meantime:

  • Your files are 100% Secure 
  • Discrete Service - Confidentiality guaranteed
  • We will happily delete all files if you decide not to go ahead

Get Started in Seconds With Our Free, Easy, 4-Step Process 

Upload now, sit back and wait for us to send you files - no obligation.

Fill In The Form & Upload Your Audio

Complete the form and send us your files. If we think we can make it usable we'll do the work. 

We'll Send Our Best Repair and A Price

You will receive a non-downloadable copy of your audio for preview.  We'll provide a no-obligations price ( Between £25 and £100 )

Decide If You Want To Have It

You then either decide to purchase, request further work or pass on it - No fee, no questions asked.

Download It

Processed Files are returned as high quality Wav's - "ready to edit" and MP3's - "ready to go."

We can also supply you with our best tips to ensure that the problem doesn't happen again for you.

Podcast Audio Uploader

SKYPE and Other
 VOIP Recording

Alas, There are no cures for bad audio caused by bandwidth issues during SKYPE or other VOIP or Internet Recordings. Effects such as dalek-like sounding voices or big dropouts in audio are currently un-treatable.

P.S. In this instance 'sick' means unwell, rather than great - although the content may well be great.