The Team

Chris Britton

Chris drives the studio direction, and helps clients design media solutions to their business challenges.

Chris started as a sound engineer, building the original recording studio, in 1991. He was happy mostly recording music until the millennium, when the new studio was built.

At this time, music studios were being heavily disrupted and so Chris found himself lecturing in acoustics and live sound at a local University, followed by a period developing learning platforms and websites as well as teaching staff and students at a local grammar school.

It was here that he discovered his love of online learning and in-particular podcasts and audiobooks.

All the while keeping the studio running which led to transitioning back to full time in 2014.

Graeme Rawson – Head of Production

Graeme has been helping our clients make better audio and video for the last seven years. He leads performers and presenters to gain their best performances and is both nurturing and precise.

Technically minded with a 1st class honours degree in Music Technology, Graeme understands the science behind the production process

In addition to engineering, Graeme is a singer/songwriter, guitarist & synth programmer for a number of bands and a recognised composer of film and game music. He’s taught music tech at local schools and run support for GForce a Music Software Company, so is great at troubleshooting and communication.

Daniel Brant – Video Director and Cameraman

Daniel is primarily a filmmaker, director, and storyteller. He brings his visual skills to our productions, so they don’t just sound great – but look great too.

If there’s a moving camera involved, that’s Daniel – an experienced martial artist he’s able to move smoothly and elegantly.