What exactly is a podcast?

Have you heard of podcasts but you’re not sure what they are?

A podcast is much like a radio programme or short audiobook, that you download onto your iPod or MP3 player from a company’s website or listen to online. They often run in series that you can subscribe to and automatically download as soon as a new episode is released.

There are a million podcasts on a thousand different subjects and more and more people are listening to them as they are a great way of learning or being entertained. They are particularly useful if you’re on the move as you can download them to your mobile and take them with you.

If you’ve never listened to a podcast have a look at the bbc podcasts , the podcast directory , Learn out loud or of course itunes podcasts . If you’re in business or thinking of becoming self-employed then I highly recommend that you have a listen to this Seth Godin’s Startup School

Freelancers and small businesses are now using podcasts as a communication tool to reach their customers as well as maybe their own staff.

Glisten can manage the whole podcasting process for you.

  • Original recordings in our multi-voice capable voice over studio
  • Help with finding voices
  • Additional telephone recordings
  • Royalty free music provided or written to spec
  • Mixing and editing into a releasable file
  • Uploading and distributing
  • Scheduling

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