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Great business podcasts for the small business owner – My three Favourites

It’s rare for a day to go by where I don’t listen to a podcast., there are so many great business podcasts.

In fact whereas I used to listen to music all day everyday I now split my listening equally between music and podcasts.

I suppose it mirrors the transition from thinking of myself as a sound engineer to thinking of myself as a business man.

I think that anyone that finds mentors in reading books, may also find conversation in podcasts. It’s okay though I do have real friends too.

Most of my podcast listening ( and much of my reading ) is about business. I’m about to start a business podcast of my own and so I thought it would be an opportunity to share some of those that I enjoy and learn from.

If you’re thinking of picking up a podcast or maybe even thinking of starting one, any of these great business podcasts could be a good start.

Great Business Podcasts – My Top 3



Great business podcasts - UnemployableUnemployable is my current favourite podcast with episodes that I have listened to over and over again.

It’s run by Brian Clark who created the mega copywriting advice site CopyBlogger and has gone on to build a huge 50 employee media business – RainMaker Digital.

His audience-first content strategy is laid out for all to hear and his interviews are warm, insightful and enthusiastic. I find myself saying ‘yes, yes, yes’ throughout his podcasts – I guess I consider myself Unemployable – ” for those people who can get a job, they’re just not inclined to take one”

Great production quality too from the cool intro through to the “keep going” end credits.



Duct Tape Marketing

Great business podcasts - duct tape podcastJohn Jantsch is kind of like a wise old uncle that has built a cool marketing system arranged round his Marketing Hourglass concept – An evolution of the Marketing funnel.

His weekly podcast explores marketing and business topics through interviews with, mostly, authors in business and marketing with a similar worldview to him. Can get expensive as you’ll end up wanting to go out and buy a new book every week!

John gives his time and advice so generously that I mostly forget that he is actually running a successful business, I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and don’t tire of it.

This is a very conversational podcast recorded in interview format.

Sometimes the production is a notch-down from studio quality because it’s recorded remotely from a variety locations. If i’m in a noisy environment I can sometimes lose one of the voices. But generally it’s pretty good.



Building A Story Brand

Great business podcasts - StorybrandDonald Miller has synthesised age old storytelling formulas into an amazingly effective tool for simplifying, clarifying and positioning your business brand – StoryBrand

This podcast is new and features one of the new podcast publishing scheduling strategies.  That is – releasing episodes in Seasons. Much like Breaking Bad you’ll get a weekly or quicker batch of episodes and then a break. ( Unemployable does this too). This presumably allows them to batch produce a series of episodes in an efficient way and keep the energy high.

The format of the show is a brief discussion on one of the 7 steps of StoryBrand followed by an interview who epitomises one of the seven, followed by a tear-down of somebodies website. Super useful, even if I don’t completely agree with one specific piece of advice he advocates.

Great content, slick – opens the door of cheesey and sticks it’s head in from time to time, but for the most part it’s classy. It’s only 7 episodes in and i’ve enjoyed it but my initial feeling is that something about the format will get tiresome…we’ll see.

The beauty of all the storybrand materials is that he tells you everything that you need so you don’t have to buy his products – although his products do help to implement and internalise.



What have I missed out?

I hope you find these useful, do let me know if you enjoy any of these or if you have any recommendations in the comments. I’m always looking for new shows.

And if you are looking for any help creating your own great business podcasts, then please do get in touch.


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