Connecting To Cleanfeed using the RecordHub microphone kit

Hosts and guests using the RecordHub microphone kit

What you’ll need

You will need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer. You do not need an account to use the Chrome and you do not need to “finish setting up Chrome” by downloading the mobile app versions as their website currently suggests.

Make sure that Google Chrome is closed before you connect your USB microphone for the first time. 

Please connect your microphone to your computer via USB. Connect your headphones to your computer or the microphone’s headphone output. More detailed instructions on the Microphone’s use will have been sent to you.

Connecting to Cleanfeed

Before the recording begins you will receive an email from Cleanfeed containing your personal connection button. You are the only person who can use this link, so please do not share it. When you are ready, click the Connect button. If Chrome is your default browser the Cleanfeed page will load. If Chrome is not your default browser you will need to copy the link from your default browser and paste it into Chrome.

When the page has loaded press the green Start button. It is highly likely that your computer will now ask permission to access the microphone. Please allow this and you will be connected immediately to Glisten Media. You should start hearing us through your headphones.

As you’re using an external microphone, you may need to change your input device inside Cleanfeed for us to hear you.  To do this, click the cog icon next to your name and then select the USB microphone from the lefthand list, where it says “Use browser setting”.

You can mute your microphone by clicking the green microphone button next to your name. To leave the call please close the Chrome tab.


When trying to connect you get a message: “You’ve blocked your audio device”.

  • Please click the camera icon in the address bar and allow microphone access.