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recordhub - Remote Voice Recording - Done For You

RecordHub is a remote recording and podcast service run by Glisten Media. This guide is designed to help you connect to the recording as seamlessly as possible.  We use a third-party service called Cleanfeed which you'll see referred to throughout this guide. You do not need to install anything or set up any accounts. 

Three Steps To Prepare For Your Recording

1. Book a test call

2. Read your device guide

3. Make the call

About Your Test Call

Wherever possible we will run a brief test call with you before the date of the recording. This is so that you can familiarise yourself with the connection process and so that we can test the equipment and connection. Please read the relevant section of this guide before your call. It’ll tell you what you need and what to expect from the call. 

If it all goes well, the call will only take a couple of minutes to do. If a problem occurs, it could take a bit longer, so please allow up to half an hour to complete the call. If you can’t speak to us for any reason during the test or record we’ll be available on text chat here. Click the floating blue chat icon in the bottom-right hand corner of any page.

If you haven't already - book your test call now.

Device connection guides

Guests using their phone, tablet or laptop

What you’ll need

Please have your smartphone, tablet or computer at hand. If possible, please connect the earphones that came with the device, or another pair with a built-in microphone (See below for more on this). For laptops, headphones or earphones are a must.

Please find a quiet place to connect to the call. We’re not expecting you to sound like you’re in a recording studio, but please avoid public places or open office situations. A quiet room with lots of soft furnishings is ideal. If you’re at home, sitting on your bed or sofa is a great idea.

Hosts and guests using the RecordHub microphone kit

If you've been sent our microphone kit then please follow the instructions here

How to tell if your earphones have a microphone built in.

  • All earphones that come with phones do, wired or wireless. For third-party devices look for a mic symbol on the volume control or, if you have a pair with a jack connection look for 3 bands across the jack.

Making The Test Call

At or just before the time of your scheduled test call you will receive an email from Cleanfeed ( Check your spam filter ) with a link to connect to Glisten Media. ( Previously discussed in the connection guides ) If you don't - let us know through the chat at the bottom right of this page and we will send it that way.

Put your headphones on and click on the link. You may need to refer back to your connection guide, but if you're stuck please use the chat icon at the bottom right of this page to talk to us directly.

Please Keep Your Phone Awake At All Times Or The Call Will Disconnect