Connecting to Cleanfeed using your iPhone or iPad – RecordHub

Shortly before the recording begins you will receive an email from Cleanfeed containing your personal connection button. Please open this email on the device you wish to use for the call. You are the only person who can use this link, so please do not share it. When you are ready, press Connect. The Safari app should open.

You may now receive a message informing you that Cleanfeed for iOS is currently in beta. We have tested this beta thoroughly and are happy for our guests to use it. Please press the “Yes, I’d like to test” button.

Then the green Start button.  It is highly likely that your iOS device will now ask permission to access the microphone. Please allow this.

recordhub - iOS - Cleanfeed would like to access your microphone

All going well you will be connected immediately to Glisten Media and the other guests. It’s a good idea to use the earphones that came with your phone, or another pair with a built-in Microphone.

Cleanfeed - iOS -Guest Connected to Glisten Media

If you wish, you can use your phone to your ear as you would for a regular phone conversation, but please refrain from turning on your device’s speaker or using a bluetooth or AirPlay speaker.

You can mute your microphone by clicking the green microphone button next to your name. It’s quite easy to do this accidentally with your ear!

To leave the call please close the Safari tab. Minimising the Safari app will not mute your microphone or leave the call. To do this click the two overlapping squares icon (bottom-right) then the X on the tab containing Cleanfeed.

Please Keep Your Phone Awake At All Times Or The Call Will Disconnect


When trying to connect you get a message: “You’ve blocked your audio device”.

The solution given by Cleanfeed on your screen doesn’t apply. Please close the browser app and follow the steps below:


  • Please go to your Settings, 
    • Find Safari, 
    • Scroll down to Microphone and set it to “Ask”.
  • Reload the Cleanfeed page in Safari and allow microphone access.