The Podcast Doctor

The challenge for most new podcasters is, well – that they’re new podcasters. There are just so many things to learn – from what to say and how to say it to recording and editing, mixing and mastering, hosting and distribution and that’s all before you start to think about marketing it!

Although it might be possible for many people to do everything themselves, it’s not necessarily the best use of a podcasters’  time.

Wouldn’t you prefer to focus on planning and delivering your content and not get stuck in the weeds of room treatment, gear selection or editing?

If you’ve lined up  a great interview, done your research and pulled off a masterful delivery – only to find that your recording leaves much to be desired – don’t sweat it, all may not be lost. Modern audio medicine is able to cure an increasing array of audio ailments.

The Glisten Media Podcast Doctor specialises in serving diy podcasters with a variety of podcast repair services including:

Podcast Audio Restoration

Glisten Media Podcast Doctor

Return your sick audio to health

Common podcast audio problems include:

  • Too much noise e.g background noise
  • Too much ringing, echo, reverberation or room sound.
  • Distortion or clipping
  • Pops, bumps, crackles etc
  • Unwanted noise ( cars and babies in the background )
  • Uneven levels for different voices

Let us fix your recording, we'll let you hear exactly what we can do, give you a price...then you can decide if you want it or not.